Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rafaela Capitulo 109

Rafaela Capitulo 109: From the actions of Angel (Ruben Zamora) during this time, Jose Maria (Jorge Poza) can find out if Angel really like Rafaela (Scarlet Ortiz), it is said to Angel by Jose Maria.

Rafaela did not want to hurt Angel, and also knew that Angel loved her. However, because there is no other way, then return Rafaela wedding ring given by the Angel, saying she did not intend to hurt Angel. Then, the Angel up to something that has to do with the American embassy.

Porfirio (Jorge Alberto Bolanos) seriously consider all the words Rosalba (Tiare Scanda), when Rosalba held talks with Carlos Luis (Juan Angel Esparza) by telephone. Apparently Carlos Luz, Rosalba asked to come back, because her mother's illness and he also admitted that he had cancer.

Mireya (Chantal Andere) knows that Jose Maria sought a divorce, then Mireya planning something and she pretended to feel unwell.

Meanwhile, Rafael (Rogelio Guerra) convinced Rafaela can not operate Caridad (Patricia Reyes Spindola), as conditions difficult to control so it is very dangerous.

Actually what will be done by the Angel at the American embassy? And whether Mireya will be taken by Jose Maria to the hospital? Telenovela Story remind you to watch on TV.