Wednesday, July 27, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 98

La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 98: When Alex came home Carolina, Alex asked Benito to buy chamoy snow. Benito's departure from home does not escape the scrutiny his friend Gordo, who then notify the Gordo, and they prepare to kidnap Alex.

Meanwhile, Lucia tells Lucrecia about Ivan proposal to rent a house after they married. Lucrecia happy to hear this and gave their blessings, and asks her to marry as soon as possible.

After preparing to kidnap Alex, Gordo went into the house carolina then kidnapped Alex. When Benito came, he felt something was not right, then he called Ivan and say what happened.

After successfully kidnaps Alex, Gordo and his friend stopped at a pay phone and called Ivan. To Ivan, Gordo demanded a ransom for the release of Alex at 6 million dollars, and also warned not to contact the police.

Benito arrived back at home with a locksmith, then come Antolin, and finally they believe that Alex has been kidnapped.

The success of Gordo and his friends kidnap Alex, made Saul feel happy that everything is going well. But Gordo rebuked Saul for not preparing food for the child. As for Alex, crying in a room locked.
Possible Juan Jaime, finance Saul, doubted by David and he told it to Ivan. Alex has been kidnapped, told Lucia by Ivan, it makes Lucia cry.

Camilo managed to find out if information about Alex obtained by Gordo from Carmen, and he said that if something happens to Alex, then Carmen will be as guilty as the death of Gerardo.

Such a synopsis of the telenovela La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 98, if there is something wrong we apologize, thank you.