Monday, August 1, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino Gran Final

La Fuerza del Destino Gran Final: Camilo and Ivan taken by a physician and his daughter, they were brought to be healed. The physician placed the worm on the body of Ivan and Camilo, to eat the dead tissue. To his daughter, the physician said that only one person can be saved.

Antolin and Anthony appeared before the commander of Aguilar, they found Saul wounded with three bullets in his body. However this is not a problem for Antolin, because Antolin also injured and Anthony supports it. Circumstances Ivan and Camilo who is not yet clear, making everyone feel concerned. His car was found in Kino Bay, Gordo's body as well, but there is someone else's blood there.

Everyone had assumed that Camilo and Ivan was dead, but to Alex, they said that Ivan was in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Ivan began to realize, he remembered to Lucia and Alex, but his body still ached.

The search for Ivan and Camilo still have not succeeded, despite being aided by the police. Antolin so decided to go find their own, the desire Antolin enjoyed the support of Anthony, Benito and Lucia.

Saul who was in the prison hospital, visited by David and Esther. They tried to resuscitate and also prayed for Saul, but Saul refused to repent.

Meanwhile, Ivan told Camilo if he can not open his eyes. Son of physicians tell them if their phones are not there. Then Ivan asked for help to tell the family that is in Hermosillo, but the physician's daughter refused.

After Anthony, Antolin, Benito and Lucia arrived in Bahia de Kino to find Ivan and Camilo, Anthony spoke to the authorities. Anthony then set the search for Ivan and Camilo, he and Lucia to go by helicopter. While Antolin and Benito will look for it on foot, accompanied by experienced guides.

Ivan was told by a physician about their condition when found, he also said that Camilo had lost much blood and have no passion for life. Hearing this, Ivan pleading for help to take him to hospital. But physician said that it will not help, because Camilo did not want to live.

When the search for Ivan and Camilo are underway, Ivan heard Anthony helicopter, then he was walking with him, but they can not see it. Then Ivan told Camilo that he would seek help.

The next day, Camilo said goodbye to Ivan, as though it were the last day they could meet. This makes Ivan promised to stay alive until help.

Physician's daughter, explained to Ivan that he will be able to visit him in prison, but Ivan said he would not allow it. Suddenly they saw the helicopter again, but the boy refused to light a fire, for fear of causing extensive damage.

Then came Anthony and Lucia, to their physician describes his meeting with Camilo and Ivan. And he tried to convince Lucia, that she and Ivan will live for years and had children. While Antolin and Benito find Camilo.

When Ivan and Camilo arrived at the hospital, Camilo increasingly critical situation, while Ivan is better though dehydrated with a fever and infection. Then Arcelia and Antolin met with Camilo, he said goodbye to his family and said that if Alex and Ivan are very meaningful to him.

Ivan and Lucia began preparing for their wedding, they also visited Antolin and Carolina who had just given birth to her first child.

At the request of Anthony, healer and his son could return to their villages. Saul committed suicide while in prison, and Juan Jaime asks David to take care of everything.

While Ivan and Lucia were married they are attended by family and friends.

David and Judith planning a wedding, while Anthony proposed to Carlota to travel together. Meanwhile, Camilo met with Veronica, who had just arrived, while Ivan and Lucia managed to get their dreams.

To this synopsis telenovela La Fuerza del Destino Gran Final, apologize when things go wrong, thank you.